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Quiet Day in 20v Land [Wasted BW]

To:   audi-20v
Top Ten Reasons Why I'd Rather be Driving Than Sitting in My Office
     (incomplete and in no particular order)

10: My office doesn't make cool sounds when I put my right foot on the
9: My office can't take me back to New Hampshire
8: My boss never sneaks up behind me when I'm driving
7: I don't have a phone in my car
6: The seat in my Audi is more comfortable
5: The stereo is better in my Audi
4: Quattro has almost no impact on snowjobs in the office
3: I can sexually harass anyone I want in my car :-)
2: Office has no sunroof and I can't open the windows

and the number 1 reason (pick several)

1. My job really blows sometimes
1. I can't go anywhere in my office and effectively use a fishing pole for
it's intended use
1. I can't scream out the words to "Gimme Shelter" without getting fired
1. A bad day of driving is almost guaranteed to be better than most days in
the office
1.  It would almost have to be