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Re: Wheel Bearing?

>Thats it. Thats the noise that my Ur-q has been making for the last few
>months. I'd got it tracked down to either the bearing or an inner CV joint
>that is showing a lot of play.
Does it change with going around corners?  That'll tell you which side.
You'll have to check with others to find out if the noise could be the CV
joint; I'm just describing the noise the bearing makes.  The CVJ may make
similar noises.

>Thanks, now I'll get a new bearing _before_ I investigate further.
Bearings are a lot cheaper...I think a set for the rears on my 5k were
under $40.  We did both sides; we figured if one side was going, the other
might too.

There are two bearings per wheel, too...inner+outer.  Oh.  Wait, that was
on the non-q, so I have no idea what a q has.

We just pulled the entire hub off the car; we put in fresh
grease+everything when we were done.  Worked great.  We also found the
leftover bears _very_ handy for pressing(hammering, actually) the new
bearings in; that and a block of wood works wonderfully.  We didn't feel
like buying a puller tool to remove or put in the bearings.  I spent a good
30 minutes per bearing slowly hammering out the bearing with a punch tool.
v e r y   s l o w . . .


Brett Dikeman
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