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Re: deisel parts into 4000 quattro

In a message dated 98-08-05 15:45:32 EDT, you write:

<< My motivation for asking about the diesel parts was that I'm looking for a
 longer stroke crank to fit in the 5 cylinder 4000 engine. I assumed that (or
 was asking) if the diesel 5000 had a longer stroke. Todd Candey mailed me
 privately saying that a good way to go is transplant a 5ktq engine with the
 crank from a '96 eurovan (not imported to US?) resulting in a 2.51 engine.
 Sounds good to me, but I have reservations about fitting an old turbo and
 still have the following questions:
 1) Does the 5000 diesel crank have a longer stroke than the stock 4000?
 2) Has anyone bored a 4000 engine and if so, to what specs/what pistons and
 rods were fitted?
 Overall, I'm looking to play with a couple of 4000 blocks we have lying
 around and want to know what's worked and what hasn't. The goal here is
 quicker bottom end (I have not yet had the throttle body modified); lots of
 twisting mountain/country roads where I live and not much opportunity/desire
 to break a ton.

This is not the way to go.  The diesel crank has a stroke of  86.4 mm the same
stroke as a regular 5 cylinder. The only other longer stroke crank that is
available is the Eurovan at 95.5 mm but this requires clearancing the block to
clear the rods, if you are planning to stroke a 5 cylinder that is the only
crank to use unless youve got cash for a custom one.  About the safest bore on
a stock Audi block would be 83mm, I have heard of people Boring up to 84.5
mm's but I wouldn't trust anything taken out that far..