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Re: Tar and chip = fog light lens replacement

Craig D. Niederst wrote:
> A while back a lister mentioned a place that sold replacement fog light
> lenses fairly inexpensively. Does anyone know what parts vendor this was?
> BTW, who and the f*#@ came up with the idea that the "tar and chip" method
> was a good way to cheaply resurface roads? They did this to all the roads on
> my route to work, so basically your car is a target from all sides. I just
> washed my car on Monday, and the lens was fine. Today walking out to my car
> at work I noticed that the lens was basically shattered. And to make matters
> worse, the fogs themselves are about only 5 months old! Sorry for the rant,
> but this just pisses me off! TIA.

Well, call the road department, then. Most places expect some trouble
when this type of work is done. Just do it _today_.

Example:  last year the Idaho Trans genii (bunch o'genius?) put down
some sort of sealer on a brand new section of interstate. It didn't cure
(didn't meet manuf's specs for application), and caused about $200000 in
cleaning damage to a few hundred cars. They paid.

In the meantime--to avoid paint chips and such--either drive another car
(neighbor's Yugo?) or try to miss the main traffic.

'87 4kq
'89 200q
neither goes on chip-seal