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5KTQ / 200TQ Comparison Report

Finally!  Here is a detailed comparison between the Audi 5000CS turbo
quattro and a late model Audi 200 turbo quattro (10V) sedan.  

First, let me list some of the changes made in the 200 for those of you
not familliar with the differences.  Most of these changes were made
mid-year 1989.

higher compression 
dual knock sensor MC motor
updated injectors
k24 turbo
improved cam shaft
2-piece exhaust manifold
updated interior
flush door handles
security system
driver's side airbag
Procon ten safety system
Torsen center differential

These are just a few of the changes made in the 89.5 and on 200TQ's.  

Now, for the report:

About a month ago, I purchased a 1990 200TQ (10v) sedan with 89K miles
on it.  It is Burnt Cyan in color with black leather sport interior.
It's othwise known as the "Cyanne Quattro" because the color is so rare.

I must say, I was a HUGE fan of the 5000TQ and I wanted another one.
Not a 200TQ, not an S4!  I wanted a 5000TQ!  Having owned one before, I
must say that was the nicest car I had ever owned and that car just fit
me like a glove.  I loved that car and I wanted to find another.  

They were also really cheap, which was another thing I liked about them.
Cheap, and with a little work and ingenuity, you can make them go like

I found a few, but they all sold before I could get real serious about
them.  Then I found a 200TQ.  I was skeptical and it was a little more
money, but after driving it once, I knew it was an improvement.

The 200TQ has more low-end torque with the higher compression ratio and
the smaller k24 turbo.  It also just feels plain quicker!  (is it?)  The
biggest thing I noticed was that it has more power if your not in that
specific powerband.  You 5000TQ owners know (as I know) when you drop
below 2,000 rpms there is NO power, and getting back up into that
powerband takes forever!!!!  You most likely would end up having to drop
down a gear to bring it back up, then upsift again.  Well, in this
car...that problem is a lot less noticable.  You really can be below 2K
rpm's, just hit the gas and it gets itself back in that powerband
relatively quickly and smoothly.  No need for downshifts.  

It's a lot less picky about what gear it's in.  Off the line power seems
much improved and first gear feels much better.  

The power though, seems much more gradual.  It doesn't hit you like a
ton of bricks like in the 5000 (with the k26).  It's much smoother.
Shifting and driving this car is like butter.  Yet, it feels faster!
Everything just feels much more refined and much smoother in this car.  

The ride is excellent!  Very comfortable.  Stable and solid feeling at
high speeds on the highway.  I don't know if they added any extra
frame/body support with the Procon-Ten system, but it feels like it has
a lot less flex on the rough back roads than the 5000.  Really a very
solid car.  BTW, I have fairly new Boge Turbo gas struts up front and
stock shocks in the rear.  I really like the Boge struts and I think
they have the right combination of sport and comfort.  This car feels
like your riding on glass on the highway.  Extremely smooth and no
vibrations or rattles.  

The brakes are excellent and the pedal feel is supurb.  I don't know if
this is just with my car, but it is great.  I know the 200's have a
different master cylinder and I'm not sure if that's the difference.
But, just about every older 5000TQ I'd driven (including mine) had poor
pedal feel and the brakes seemed pretty aged.  These brakes feels very
solid and braking is consistantly smooth and powerfull.

The interior is much nicer.  I REALLY liked the 5KTQ interior, so I
didn't think I'd like this one as much, but it is just plain nicer.
Mine is black with the black leather heated sport seats so it is VERY
nice.  There is a lot of real natural wood paneling in the dash, the
layout is much nicer with those extra gauges added that we all like (oil
pressure, voltage, etc).  It is also a higher quality and more solid
built interior!  NO RATTLES!!!  It is very quiet and nothing is falling
apart.  I really like the sport seats as well!  Really hold you in place
through the corners.  This car also has the "Procon Ten" safety system
and a driver's side airbag (which my mom was very happy about).  

This car also has a security system (beeps when you lock the doors) and
the radio is coded.  Mine isn't since my radio has been replaced with a
factory refurbished unit.  That is probably the only downfall.  I think
I am the minority here, but I think the factory 10-speaker sterio system
in the Audi 5000TQ's was a much better sterio!

The Audi 200TQ only has a 6-speaker sterio system (Delta radio) and the
wierd part is there are two speakers in the front dash, and the tweeters
are in the rear deck with the rear speakers.  The sound is very
unballanced and a lot more sound comes from the rear.  But, it does have
this really neat screen in the center of your instrument cluster that
let's you know what station you're on, and you can seek stations by just
hitting the volume knob.  But, I really hate the in-glass antenna.
Terrible receptuon and if your driving away from the tower, forget it!
Your not going to be able to hear that station worth a damn.  

I must say in all....the 5000TQ is a great road car.  The best in it's
time.  And, the 200TQ is just a continuation, an evolution of that fine
road car.  I'd have to say the 200TQ is a smoother, silkier,
more-refined road car.  I am extremely pleased with my purchase and I am
excited about spending the next several years with this car.  And, that
my friends is the verdict.  

'90 200TQ