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Re: Can someone in CA let me know how a turbo conversion is lega

Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu> wrote:
> I was just talking with my friend Chris who is becomign a smog tech in CA
> and he told me some interesting, and disconcerting news about my hoped
> for turbo conversion.  Apparently its completely illegal.  I know that
> Tresser sold a 4ktq through dealerships, but did he use a stock engine or
> what?  Also, apparently putting any engine that was not offered stock is
> completely illegal.  Duane, when you had to smog yours how did you go
> about it?

Any engine conversion is _legal_ in California, as long as you use a motor 
for the same year or newer car as the chassis (you have to meet the smog 
requirements for whichever is newer, in other words), and you must retain 
all the original smog equipment for the car the motor is for.

You need to have a "referee" check the car and verify all the stuff is 
there, the first time you get it smogged.  I believe you will be issued a 
sticker stating it's okay.  You will still need to have it smogged.
> Talk about a horrible beurocracy that has its head up its a*s...

Yup, the People's Republik of Kalifornia is not a free state.  One of the 
reasons I moved out of there, as nice as it is.  Too bad, but the people 
get the government they deserve.