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Old / young stereotypes

Seeing some old, rich guy drive- make that "putt around in"- a new 911 or
some other coveted sports car used to bug me. But that all changed during one
24 hour period in LA. I saw 6 ferraris, dozens of V12 Mercedes, and 3 Diablos.
The last Diablo of the day was a yellow, targa top (VT?) driven by this young
guy with a ponytail. He was lazily slouched over in half the passenger seat,
wearing an expression of utter boredom. It hit a nerve; I could barely eat my
goat cheese panisse! BORED! What ungodly creature could be BORED in a car like
that! Granted, 35 mph can't be euphoric in a Diablo, but at least pleasing in
some small way.
	Rich, not too rich, young, young at heart- I don't judge anymore: just ENJOY IT!
	BTW, the Sunset Strip Avis car rental location had an A8 and an A4 on their
lot, both black, parked between the Range Rovers and Mercedes. 
-Shane East
<my favorite apartment overlooked a parking lot>