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RE: Porsche guys?


Nice to see someone who has their priorities straight!  :)

Marc "Lots of hair, no middle ages yet, No gold chains" Gelefsky
86 4K CS quattro
86 911 Carrera Targa
88 944 Turbo

> Date: Wed, 05 Aug 1998 19:35:08 -0600 (MDT)
> From: Harry R Glesner III <hglesner@ast.lmco.com>
> Subject: RE: Porsche guys?
> Gang:
>     I'm not sure why everyone thinks you have to go 911-less with kids. My 4 yr 
> old and 8 yr old fit just fine in the back, and should for a couple of years 
> more. 
>     I'd like to think my 911 came into my life after a life time of wanting, 
> driving Beetles and Corvairs learning the ropes. I still have the Road & Track 
> that first showed the 901 at the Paris auto show, I was 12 at the time and made 
> up my mind right then that was the car for me. Now teaching freestyle skiing, 
> and co-owning ski shops through the '70s and early 80's was not going to produce 
> the income stream to finally get that much desired 911, so I restored a lot of 
> BMW 2002's and changed career path in to aerospace.
>     So to some I more than likely look like a middle age white guy driving a 
> mid-life car. Not so, just took a while to get my ducks in a row.
> Enjoying my German toys:
> Rick Glesner
> Littleton, Colorado
> '91 90q20v
> '82 911 SC
> '83 Rx-7 SCCA Spec Racer #27