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Re: VW/Audi/Porsche connection

Andrei Talalaevskii decided to speak these words:

>The connection never ended, Current CEO of VW is a grandson of Porsche the
>First. However, unlike in Audi's case, VW was never even close to owning

Im not sure of the exact details, but Porsche was very nearly swallowed 
by VW...but it didnt happen, i cant remember the exact reason why not.

>After some time and significant expenses from both sides VW chiefs lost
>their interests in the project and sold or gave to Ferry Porsche (son of
>Ferdinand Porsche) who was by that time a head of Porsche Company a Carte
>Blanche to continue on his own and that's how 924 came out. 944 was
>developed out of 924. It is still a Porsche, but there is a lot of VAG
>contribution in it.

Actually, it started with the 914, which was completely a VW marketed 
under the porsche name.  That is until the 914/6 came out...it was 
Porsche-ized and given a huge number of porsche parts.  That is one car i 
would LOVE to get my hands on...talk about a go kart for the street...

But the 924 was supposed to be the successor to the 914, but it was a 
relative failure, the 944 was ovbiously much more successful.  I 
personally love the 944...gorgeous car...


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