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Re: K26 "clicking" ...

> Impellor retaining nut dropped off and bouncing off the
> blades, waiting for that magic moment when it leaps in,
> stops the turbo (and the car) dead, and fills the street
> with a cloud of black smoke? 

Aaah, is that what that was? Just kidding...

I'll pull the front inlet tubing off during this weekend
and see if the thing has come off. What is the proper
torque setting? Damn, hope I have a proper socket head
to fit onto the torque wrench. Anyway, manifold is
also blowing (so I was told at exhaust/shock/tyre
centre when fitting new shocks), but my mechanic had
a look and said no cracks. Probably loose bolts or
some gaskets. Still want to get 2-piece manifold,
2nd hand, but am now thinking of moving to London
sometime early next year. What to do, what to do?

Thanks, Phil, for the tip. Will check it up
tomorrow morning.