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Re: My UrQ Can't Swim

   My story:  I go out to the parking lot which is standing in 6" of
   water.  The UrQ starts fine and I very slowly pull out of the parking
   lot.  Everything's fine, rain is coming down in sheets.

   The roads are wet, but no standing water.  About 3 miles down the road,
   with the car warmed up normally, I accelerate from a stop light.  As
   soon as boost comes on, the car kicks violently. Seemed to run okay

Was this an overboost cutoff? What RPM/boost?

   without boost.  Another few hundred yards down the road, it dies. Not
   suddenly (like an electrical problem) and not missing like a fuel
   problem, but it just seemed to lose power gradually until it died.

Strange. This sounds more like a fuel or air starvation. Could your
air filter have absorbed enough water to choke off the engine? I can't
see any "likely" sensor-failure that would result in gradual death.
Could water on the exhaust have cooled the O2 sensor? (Nah, the ECU'd
just run openloop. Hmmm...)

   So, I'm sitting by the side of the road in a tremendous storm. All the
   gauges read normally.  Car turns over fine, but won't "catch".

   I check under the hood.  Distributor and wires are dry.  Really not much
   water under the hood at all.  The fuel pump fuse was fine. Connections
   at the fuel pump look okay.

   For the next 15-20 minutes, every few minutes I try starting it. No
   good, just tuns over, occasionally trying to start, but never really
   catching.  Throttle position doesn't seem to have any effect.

   Then it stumbles to life (like my occasional hot start problem) and runs
   fine, including at full boost.

   My question: what was the problem?  I would really like for this _not_
   not to happen again.  I'm assuming this may be signaling a forthcoming
   failure... or is it just water-related?  Any ideas would be appreciated.

I'm gonna guess water-ingestation, followed by unhappy fuel pump.

Have you been $acrificing regularly to the AuDieties?