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Re: My UrQ Can't Swim

Thanks for all the input on my strange situation.  The rain continued 
after my post.. some areas got 12"!  We ended up with about 8" at home.  This is
in 24 hours!  Everything's wet and everywhere is flooded.  I drove by 
a new lake this morning.  Every so often you'd see a little flag about a 
foot or so above the water that said "1" or "6"... up to about 18.

To the UrQ: Several posts have mentioned inlet grounds.  I'll check that 

<<Was this an overboost cutoff? What RPM/boost?>>

Not an overboost cutout.... happened the second the engine went 
from vacuum to boost.  2nd gear, about 2500 rpm.  I've had this happen 
once before right after I bought the car... but even then the car didn't
stall or even run really poorly except on boost.  Any boost. Changing the Bosch 
Platinums to tri-electrodes seemed to cure it 100%.  That was about 11,000
miles ago.

After it started last night, it ran great with no problems. This morning, it 
a bit harder to start (not surprising considering the dampness) but 
then ran fine.  All rpm's. all boost levels.

I'm also going to recheck the fuel pump area.  Just from its location and the
way the car died (and then restarted) I'd say it's at least suspect.

Another question:  could this be in any way related to my hot start
problem? (Always starts eventually, but stumbles and grumbles
for a bit.)

<<Have you been $acrificing regularly to the AuDieties?>>

Not enough, I guess.  In the last 5000 miles, only oil changes, 
rotors turned, and new AC condenser.   Or maybe it's mad
that I just went over 100K with it.  I guess I'm due....

Bill Elliott
Lake Mills, WI... really fitting name this morning!