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Re: 90CS Automatic Trans.

Squeaking is definitely weird; are you sure it's coming from the
transmission?  Only from 3rd->4th gear (but not from 4th->3rd)?
Definitely transmission fluid would be a good thing to try--how many
miles does the car have?  The transmission should be serviced every
30,000 miles.

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Adam Recktenwald wrote:
> Hello All,
> I'm new to the list.  I'm relatively new to the Audi world as well,
> switching from an '86 Peugeot 505 to a '93 90CS almost a year ago.  I must
> say, I love this car.  The Peugeot was great, but being under the hood
> every weekend was kinda lame.  Anyway, now my Audi is doing something
> weird.  The automatic transmission is making a squeak sound as it shifts
> from 3rd to 4th.  Anyone else out there have a similar problem?  A
> friend/mechanic suggested changing the transmission fluid (which I've never
> done).  Any ideas?  Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm afraid that
> this may be a sign of things to come.
> Thanks,
> Adam  1993 90CS