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Re: 928 in a barn: the legend lives on (no Audi content)

This reminds me of a story a friend of mine tells:

His mother was a real estate agent in North Carolina back in the 1970's.  She
sold a piece of property, basically wooded, in the middle of nowhere, for
someone to develop.

The new owner, while going through is property, found some train tracks.  He
followed them one direction until they ended (they were torn up).  He then
followed them through overgrown tangle into the middle of his property and came
upon a few train cars.  The section of track was a "stop", a section that
sprouted off the main line and stopped, so cars could be left waiting for
another engine to come pick them up.

On the track, totally overgrown, were two train cars.  Inside the cars were (and
I forget the exact number) something like twelve 1930's V16 (or was that V12?
It's been awhile since I heard the story) Cadillac sedans.  Apparently from a
factory.  Apparently forgotten about.

All cars were brand new and complete, and all were in need of restoration (as
40+ years do a real number on gaskets and leather).

One can only speculate as to how they got there:  Possibly just mis-placed,
possibly mob-highjacked and left to age for a few years.  Who knows.  Anyway,
they were his, after missing for 40 years.

I have no idea what, exactly, he did with them.  This was over 20 years ago.

Anyone else have any good barn stories??

Best regards,

Michael Lindner