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Two Unusual Ohio Audis

1989 200 Quattro, 90k miles, Red/Gray, 5 speed, newer clutch & brakes.
$6,400  Phone 216-221-1435

It was a private seller classified ad appearing on August 06 in The
Cleveland (Ohio) Plain Dealer.

It ran in the same column just after this one:

Audi '78 5000, 29,000 miles, mint! Original. $7,000   Estate. Phone

I read the last ad and then looked up what was being manufactured in 1978,
and found that the top model was powered by a 2.2 liter inline 5 cylinder
136bhp engine. It was called the model 100, and acquired the 5 cylinder
engine in the 1977 production. (Source:A History of Progress)

Having no personal knowledge of either car, or any personal interest, I
suggest calling the listed numbers for further information

Doyt Echelberger
86 4kq
87 5kcstq