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Re: Headlight protectors

On Fri, 7 Aug 1998 WARATAP@aol.com wrote:

>Sure.  I've got 40k on mine so far...Ah, the Griot's stuff doesn't have those
>nipple cut-outs (and NO smart remarks, please), but I recall some other
>company does.  Anyone remember who makes the pre-cut adhesive clear 3? mil 3M
>headlight protectors with DOT cut-outs?

I got International AutoSport catalog in front of me. Inside, it
advertises "StonGard" headlight protection for $49.95. It claims "special
3M adhesive" and claims to be 80mil thick. It is also pre-cut for those
DOT nipples (or so as the picture shows). 1-800-726-2368

I never ordered anything from them so buyers beware...

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