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Re: 91 200 TQ

>Still muddling over my problems, but may want a 91200TQ the dealer has.
>It has 150K, but they claim it runs well. Since not too many of these were
>imported either do I face the same nonsense with this that I faced with
>the V8, or is it just mostly an Audi 5cyl with some mods and other things
>mostly stock? Another V8 will put me in the poor house.

Unlike the V8, which shares nothing in common with any other Audi, the
200q20v shares a fair number of parts with other type 44's.

The main differences between a 90 and 91 200q is that the '91 has a 20v
head, runs a much higher boost(1.83 bar maximum, 1.7 indicated is normal),
has flared fenders, BBS wheels standard, wood interior standard, Bose audio
standard, leather standard, second auxiliary radiator, no injector cooling
fan, EFI instead of CIS, a turbo-bypass valve, a single pass intercooler
instead of dual, dual exhaust(inc. dual cat. converters), flush door
handles, heated locks.

150k is about 45k over the "average" milage according to most blue books.

As a reference, a _mint_ 200q20v with 60k is worth around 15.5k, and that's
still a lot.  More reasonable for a car that's in really good shape with
150k would be 11-12 around here in NE.  Keep in mind that these cars do
_not_ hang around; they are very rare, hard to find, and dissapear quickly.

However, I have noticed that on occasion they pop up all of the sudden;
these beasts are all hitting the 100k mark and that's when people tend to
think "oh well, time to get a new car."  About 2-3 weeks after I bought
mine, 3 or 4 200q20v's popped up for sale all at once in the Boston Globe.

We have a list especially for 200q20v owners; join it by subscribing to
majordomo@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net.  Mail to the list goes to

We have quite a few owners on the list; they'd be happy to share
experiences, advice, and opinions specific to these beasts(an endearing
term :)


Brett Dikeman
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