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Re: Another nice guy

You just found a my dream place.
This is how a business makes money.  By actually moving parts out the door
and increasing his bank account.
And by providing excellent pricing you bring the customer back along with
their friends.

We have a problem here in Canada with too many junk yards using computerized
Sure they have a lot of stuff.  But if you don't sell you won't make money.
They overcharge for parts and leaving  no room for negotiations.
Later I see the car crushed and the part along with it where they will get
$0.07 / 1 lb. for that part (or whatever the going rate for scrap metal is).

I offered them a lot more for it, but oh well.
Or even worse you can see that car with that part sitting there for years.
I guess they don't like money, they like junk sitting there rotting away.
Or a better one yet.  I wanted a door shell.  They say $150, but it comes
with all the window regulators and glass.
I say, "take it all off and sell it, I only need the shell".  "Oh no we
can't do that".  I said "I will".  "Oh no we won't be able to sell all the
other parts" etc. etc.

Now days I look at metal scrap yards where scrapping cars is just an on the
side thing.
That way you get guys who do not care about cars (and do not know much about
them) and charge you $50 for a complete interior (including dash, gauges and
sending units).  He could not care less if I took the carpet as well.  He
will crush that car anyway.

Phil Payne wrote:

> One door window switch
> One console window switch
> One fuel pump relay with fuseholder
> One rear window kiddie safety switch (for use as a hidden fool pump cut)
> One front-rear four channel fader
> Several two-way and three-way connectors for use in test leads
> For this, he charged me GBP15 ($23).
> --
>  Phil Payne
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Martin Pajak


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