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Re: Lighting questions

>That's your stock wiring?  Wow.  

According to Bentley it's two 14 Ga. wires from the fuse box to the high 
beam bulbs and to ground, and that's what the wiring looks like in the 
car.  For my 14 volt system, that should carry the required 28.57 amps 
to four 100 watt filaments with room to spare.  I didn't consider that 
other models would have different headlight wiring, my setup could be 
(more) dangerous and (more) detrimental to performance in a different 

Hella suggests relays with resistors and diodes on the control circuit 
to avoid voltage spikes up to 500 volts produced by the relay closing.  
I noticed the resistor and diode are on the control side.  So now my 
relays will blow my brittle headlight switch, I can't win! ;)

Scott Miller
'90 200tqw  (Chinese built?)

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