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Re: Red Barchetta (no Audi content)

> The original Road and Track short story which inspired the lyrics is on
> the 'net--
> http://members.aol.com/redbarche/ANiceMorningDrive.html

Saw a dumb car ad yesterday, "I feel safe in my (tiny piece of crap)
because it has dual air bags and door side beams..."  Funny, I didn't
feel safe in the Neon I rented while the coupe got straightened - how is
an air bag supposed to make you feel safe?  I'd rather feel at one with
the road, in a car I know will do what I expect it to do.  Oh, it had
great headlights though - wonder if they'd fit my Audi?

Huw Powell


"This is the place where death rejoices to teach those who live."

Usually it is written in Latin.