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Re: Starting woes '89 100Q

In message <199808081756.NAA09834@comet.connix.com> Frank Stadmeyer writes:

> My wife informed me that she was having difficulty starting her '89 100Q.
> Sure enough I went to check it expecting to find battery problems.  Instead
>  it appears the starter is the culprit.   Sometimes the starter will engage
> and spin the engine briefly before disengaging from the engine while the
> starter continues to turn.  Try it again and it may work fine.  Another
> attempt and it may just spin without engaging the engine.
> Anybody BTDT?

Yes, on an Audi 80CD.  My problem (YMMV) was that the braid connecting
one of the posts of the 'relay' closed by the starter solenoid to the
starter field coil was corroded to the point of high resistance.  Audi
wanted $260 or so.  I cut a length of television antenna cable, stripped
out around six inches of the copper braided shielding, folded it in
three and soldered it (with some _heavy_ equipment) back into the
starter.  I had to cut out the field coil connection with a hacksaw,
vertically into the post.  I sold the car five years later, and still
see the new owner every month or so.  Still fine.

 Phil Payne
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