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re: lighting question

>was pointed out earlier, time and heat are your enemies.  The 
>slowly degrades, the connections heat upmelting their plastic holders,
>and eventually you have some level of crisis
>Huw Powell

Connectors can go bad and heat up, but my stock connectors look good.  I 
have identical stock connectors carrying much heavier loads elswhere, 
and no melting.  The wires shouldn't be getting warm.  If they're rated 
to carry 15 amps, that certainly doesn't mean while glowing hot, they 
should carry it continuously under the heat and stresses of automotive 
applications without complaint, year after year.  The heat generated at 
rated limits should be barely measurable, much less than the devices 
normally attached to wires.  Ratings aren't physical limitations, 
theyíre set well below physical limits for good reason. Phil Payne makes 
a good point about the five year point, but even then, will they begin 
heating up at their rated limits?  Low-oxygen copper used for wiring 
acquires oxygen and becomes less conductive, but at what rate?  I 
suspect a decreasing rate, and five years is a safe number for the 

Youíre right, it would be nice to have a larger safety margin, maybe 
someday Iíll do more than just bypass the stalk switch with relays.  If 
I had no other major problems with this car Iíd do it for fun.  Iím only 
in my third month with this car, and have yet to investigate some 
problems like the rear diff that wonít lock.  Iíll have a set of brake 
cables and the proper boots and connectors for my lights waiting when I 
get home, a week from now, for a few days.  Safety and damage prevention 
items are my priorities, and I donít think my wiring will catch fire 
operating below itís rated limits.

By the way, Huw, my replies to you keep bouncing.  I hate to subject the 
entire list to my whining, and would be horrified if I convinced anyone 
to actually use my questionable wiring, whatís up?  I'll be back in a 
week, hopefully they don't send me to Africa.


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