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Re: Complain about DOT headlights??

>I know we got lighting expert or two here on the list. How about sending
>something regarding the crappy DOT headlights we get here in the States? I
>bet if there's enough number of people sending in concerns on the stupid
>DOT headlight design, that something may happen!

Honestly, it ain't DOT anymore.  BMW, Honda/Acura, Mercedes, Saab, Volvo
etc. aren't having "troubles" installing Euro spec lights and _never_ have.
It's stubborness on Audi's part; if they wanted to put Euro spec lights in
our cars, I don't think they would have had much trouble convincing DOT to
let them import the cars.  My friend's 1990 Legend has Euro-spec/pattern
lights.  Sad considering my car, when new, cost 2x his.  There was no
excuse for Audi to continue putting 1986-design lights into a car 5 years
later when they could have put in a better design.

For a long time, we've been pointing the finger at DOT.  We should be
yelling at Audi to stop downgrading the US market like we're a bunch of
babies.  It's insulting, and few other car makers do it.  Reviewers have
been for quite some time; they finally got the message when all the reviews
of the 200q20v complained of horrible lighting; notice the next year, the
S6, had much better lights.

What we do need to complain about are:
-DRL's made by Saturn, Caddilac, and other designs where a set of
super-bright lights are aimed directly at oncoming traffic
-headlights on Ford vehicles, particularly trucks; these cars spill TONS of
light all over the place, including at oncoming traffic

However, doesn't look like lighting is one of the topics, unless you
consider it crash avoidance...


Brett Dikeman
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