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84 CGT stuff for sale and maybe free?

Visited the dead 1984 CGT on Friday and have some
items to sell (well, my father does-it's still his car)
*Set of 4 MSW alloy rims 15" (believed to be 4x100)	$175
*Complete tail light assemblies (L&R)			$40
*Entire rear gate w/ spoiler (crack on one side),
	hinges, shocks, etc...				$70
*Center console w/ stock VDO guages (brown)		$40
*Driver's side mirror, needs new glass, will have to
	splice wires back together (boring story)	$25
*Vents from center of dash				$10
*Right front bumper pieces				$10
*Rear window						$50
*R&L side Quad head light brackets and trim		$60
(someone on the list already asked about the headlight 
stuff, though I'm not sure who it was!)
*Power mirror switch from door handle (works?)	$10
*Pair of door handles, brown				$10
There's still other stuff on the car...

*Gas pedal cover
*Interior door handle pieces
*Strap to hold jack in place
*Trim plate for exterior door handle
Sorry so long, let me know if you are interested!
*****Ron Roth  Ithaca NY USA  84 4ks*****