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whats in the barn?

the recent thread of "whats in the barn" has coincided with some things
i've been thinking about recently.

we are a 3-car family with my wife's vw gti.  we will shortly be joined
by a mb-250 1962 saloon (way cool)which belonged to a recently deceased
aunt to whom the car was very special, and therefore not for sale.
sigh.  so i *need* more space.  now, i'm thinking that, since i require
more space, why not get a *lot* more space, and then branch out into
some more cars?  seems like a reasonable thing to do...

well, i was foolish enough to broach this subject with the so this
week-end saying, "well, with 4 cars we're going to have to get a barn,
and then i'd like my ur-q project car (10v with s2 motor/transmission),
after we pay the mortgage off at the end of the year, of course".  at
which point swmbo hit the roof, talked about greed, wrong priorities,
"you don't even ride any more because you don't have enough time, and
you want to get more cars" etc.  and i did the only righteous thing a
bloke could do in these circumstances, and hurriedly changed the topic.

i need some pointers here people.

1) how do you convince shmbo that this is a good idea?
2) (related topic) if you had a barn, what would you have in it
(wouldn't an a2 quattro be nice?).

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q