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Valve Cover Gasket/Steering Rack 87 5kcsqt

hey fellow list-members...Two quick questions for you all(Both ?'s 
pertain to my 87 5kcsqt):

1) I am getting ready to install the new, improved rubber valve cover 
gasket rather than the cork ones of old- Should I use RTV silicon or 
just install w/o applying the silicon? Any experiences? Need to know 
soon as i have the valve cover off and am ready to slap the new one in 

2)When driving my 87 5kcsqt the rack seems to make moaning noises when i 
turn left and right..What gives? Is this an adjustment prob?, pentosin 
level is up to par, no leaks so i dont think it pertains to that..What 
do you think list?

Thanks everyone!!

Nick Meyers

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