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Re: Guru needed

You forgot to mention an important item, . . . . you can't drive your A4
without wheels, tires, engine, trans, etc. just like you can't use a MAC
without software? And the last I looked, there is hardly anything out
for a MAC, . . . . unless you use a WIN95 Emulator????

You sort of remind me of some guy that came into the local EggHead store
at midnight when WIN95 was released. He had on a stained OS/2 shirt, and
was doing the "soapbox" routine and touting the advantages of OS/2 over
WIN95. Well, about the only notice folks gave him was:

1) he was in their way

2) he smelled like stale sweat

So go take your MAC and . . . . . . drive it??? :)

Chas Baumerich wrote:
> At 10:35 PM on 8/9/98, Robert Myers wrote:
> > Caution:  Audi content totally absent.
> >
> > I need a Windoze95 guru before my better half gets mad at me again...
> The note on the software box read, "REQUIRED: Windows 95 or better."  So I
> bought a Macintosh...
> No Audi content here either, but the Macintosh is to computers what the
> Audi is to automobiles.  Any car or computer will get you to your
> destination, but one doesn't own an Audi or Macintosh because one has to,
> it's because we truly enjoy the "drive" getting to our destination.
> Chas. Baumerich
> 98A4TQ
> Mac OS 8.1