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In message <35CE0B18.267482C1@snet.net> "Bob D'Amato" writes:

> Well, it looks like I will probably purchase a real A2 unraced rally
> car. I would like to know a few things first though...

> It has basically no interior with the exception of drivers seat and dash
> stuff. The exterior is flawless, with the really wide flares like the
> sport q, and the high rear wing . and it is made of fiberglass and
> kevlar. It was built by Audi Sport UK.

Sounds like an A2.  There never was any interior, but there should be
a co-driver's seat.  Is the electronics package installed?

> what is the correct engine from the factory for this car? and specs?

No idea.  I would _guess_ at an aluminium block WR.

> If I transform it to a 'daily driver' (more user friendly dash,  seats
> etc,) will it detract from the value?


> Is the car worth more than the average TQC?

It's worth more than a _Sport_ - perhaps twice as much.  I know of four
in existence, plus "yours".

> If I need parts for it, am I screwed? I know It needs a front grill to
> cover the large intercooler...where the heck would I find it?

Pretty well, though there's a grill lying on Adam Marsden's 'general
parts' pile that looks pretty much like an A2 grill.

> if I wanted Audi sport specific stuff, where would I find it?

Historic Motorsport and/or AM Cars and/or Dialynx.  I think Aelred has
(or had) an A2.

> Any info would be appreciated, including moral support to justify the
> purchase!!

You're into really exotic territory.  The A2 is about ten times rarer
than the Sport and perhaps even rarer than the S1.  I've seen three -
one on the stand at Coy's two years ago, one that Aelred had at the
combined UK Audi quattro Owners Club and International Sport quattro
Owners Club meeting at Woburn a year or two before that, and one
on the road, leaving the M25 for the M40.  I was unfortunately going
the other way.

At this level, it's detrimental to the car's value that it was never

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