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Re: 1990 90CQ20v squeaks and creaks

Hairy green toads from Mars made DelHackl@aol.com say:

> As I am about to become an owner of one tomorrow, I have one quick question to
> the list.  In test driving it today, (66000 miles) there are creaks at all for
> corners at quick stops, turning (where it is most notable up front as you turn
> the wheel slowly, even at a dead stop).  Am I correct in assuming, that the
> suspension, bushings and components are on their last legs.  Any experiences. 

Angela's 90Q20V has done this for two years. Replaced some of the bushings
and the front shocks, struts, and strut bushings.  Still can't get it to
go away. I thought the next suspect was the front control arm bushings,
but they checked out OK.

Car drives fine, no problems at all for 40K miles.....


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