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Re: Finding RUSH in an old barn

At 02:55 PM 8/8/98 EDT, GaidosIII@aol.com wrote:
>Okay, I'll jump in here. Rush, in my musically oriented back ground
(played in
>many rock bands and still compose music today) is one of the top five
>rock bands ever. Yes that is an opinion but it is based on my knowledge of
>music. Their music is extremely technical and flat out beautiful. To see them
>live is poetry in motion.
> My second favorite band, for completely different reasons- Led Zepplin.
>Third, and highly unusual- Cheap Trick. Fourth for obvious reasons- The
>Beatles. Fifth is a toss up for me between a number of bands.

I played drums(and a bit of piano) in drum corps and a few rock bands many
years ago.  For obvious reasons, Rush was my favorite band also.  They also
gave me the wish to own an old Ferrari(until I found out how much they cost).

Paul Wilson