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Re: timing belt--a better crankbolt locker

In message <40889b94.35cf0416@aol.com> LOACESQ@aol.com writes:

> Q:  what kind of tensioner isn't adjustable?
> A: an Audi tensioner.
> Do I have this right??  The idler pulley/tensioner isn't adjustable--tension
> is adjusted with the waterpump, a device that is flat-mated to the engine
> block with an o-ring seal.  I'm supposed to slide this device around to
> tension the t-belt.  Meanwhile, the o-ring on its backside is being rubbed,
> twisted and abraded, and afterwards, will be expected to hold coolant under
> pressure??

Caught you!

You tension the belt by rotating the water pump.  Isn't that OBVIOUS?!!

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