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FOR SALE: 1988 5000CS Turbo Quattro SEDAN
V2.0 08/10/98

Exceedingly reliable, second owner, Silver/Gray with full leather interior,
5-speed, anti-theft engraved glass, very original right down to the Audi
stereo and totally unmodified in any way. Never bent or abused. 165,000
all-highway miles (180 miles/day all-highway commute!). Excellent condition
inside and out and excellent mechanicals. All possible options including
heated full leather seats and mirrors, skibag, power everything, sunroof,
mirrors, seats, windows, central locking, etc. NO Tors*n and NO cabin
explosives. 100% mechanical locking center and rear diffs work great.
Climate control ? A/C-heat-defost all work ex.

New parts: windscreen, complete clutch, cam belt/idler/wasserpump,
battery/alternator/starter, radiator/coolant/turbo coolant pump, hydraulic
reservoir, rear control arm bushings, ignition wires, recent rack/pump ?
uses NO Pentosin, brake system recently flushed. Just tuned with Bosch
Tri-Electrode plugs, cap/rotor air and fuel filters.

What doesn?t work: driver seat heat, trip computer buttons sticky, pass
front window regulator noisy.

Presently owned and maintained by QCUSA-NER VP. Always Mobil 1. Burns no
oil, none need be added between ~5000 mile oil/filter changes. Purchased
from original owner, had new as a lease car, dealer maintained, liked it
enough to buy out the lease. Also liked it enough to upgrade to a new S6
sedan when I purchased the car. Complete documented repair history and log
book available. Always maintained for maximum reliability.

Possible 1991 200 quattro BBS wheels and/or 15x7? OEM Fuchs forged wheels
available at extra cost.

$3500 FIRM or BO   ----      may be viewed in Concord NH or Marlboro MA

work email: glen_powell@ne.3com.com
work voice:   508-229-1308
email received 24 hours a day at: 1134013@skytel.com        please serious
inquiries only please!