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Re: Is there any such tool?

I am not sure what tool you need, but from your description you might want
to try a crow foot wrench.  They are available at Sears.  Simply it is the
top end of a wrench that attaches to your socket driver.  And so you can
use this with and an extension to access the bolt.

'89 200T

On Mon, 10 Aug 1998, Theodore R. Harlan wrote:

> Replaced the CQ roof mount amplified antenna. Pretty easy. As indicated,
> access is simple from the rear dome light.
> The headliner falls about three inches below the antenna access. I can't
> tighten the 17 mm bolt at all. Can't even really put pliers on it.
> What I need is a nut driver with two sides removed. To paraphrase, a
> nutdriver with a line wrench head. Or a line wrench with a 90 degree
> bend.
> Does this tool have a name? Do I need to find some really cheap tools to
> which I can take a Sawzall?
> Why does my local hardware professional look at me like I'm a martian?