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V8 Steering damper

Hi All, 

I am in the process of changing my 1990 V8 steering rack and a couple of
hoses - removing the old one was not that difficult. From memory:
1) remove air cover/cleaner box and ducting	
2) knock back retaining tabs on steering rack pivot box and remove bolts
3) using LONG (3ft) extension working from hole on right wheel housing,
remove bolts on power steering hoses
4) remove coils (both) to prevent damage and give you a little more room
5) Remove bolt securing steering damper to frame
6) remove top center engine/transmission bolts (2)
7) working from inside car
	a) remove knee bolster on drivers side
	b) remove lower air duct by drivers feet
	c) remove clamp bolt on steering rack/steering column assembly
	d) Remove connecting assembly between steering column and steering rack
splined shaft
8) Remove bolts holding rack at both ends
9) Ensure car is raised up and supported on body jack points (NOT any part
of the subframe) - this should give adequate clearance between steering
rack and transmission allowing it to slide over the transmission.
10) With a helper, manoeuvre the rack out of the vehicle via the access
hole in the right wheel housing.

NOTE*** my steering damper was shot - no damping effect at all! A quote
from the dealer was $180 canadian. As I was buying 3 litres of pentosin
(liquid gold) at the aftermarket dealer, I checked to see if he had the
damper. He asked to see the old one and showed me a unit out of the VW Fox
which was identical! He said that some parts are common between AUdi and VW
Fox - something worth knowing! Especially since whenever I mention V8, my
local dealer gets starry eyed and little dollar signs are visible in his
squinty little eyes! The Fox damper cost $30.