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Re: Guru needed

Charles may have been stretching things quite a bit with some gratuitous
remarks about Audi/Macintosh. But Mike, I'd guess that you are better
informed about Audis than you may be about Mac software. Unless of course,
your main interest in computers is games, in which case you have a point.

And what's wrong about using a computer whose software may become as hard
to find as Audi spare parts? :)

(Just back from some exercise and about to take off his sweaty Mac
t-shirt!! Seriously.)

>Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 00:16:17 -0700
>From: Michael Zamarocy <mhdavion@earthlink.net>
>Subject: Re: Guru needed
>You forgot to mention an important item, . . . . you can't drive your A4
>without wheels, tires, engine, trans, etc. just like you can't use a MAC
>without software? And the last I looked, there is hardly anything out
>for a MAC, . . . . unless you use a WIN95 Emulator????
>You sort of remind me of some guy that came into the local EggHead store
>at midnight when WIN95 was released. He had on a stained OS/2 shirt, and
>was doing the "soapbox" routine and touting the advantages of OS/2 over
>WIN95. Well, about the only notice folks gave him was:
>1) he was in their way
>2) he smelled like stale sweat
>So go take your MAC and . . . . . . drive it??? :)
>Chas Baumerich wrote:
>> At 10:35 PM on 8/9/98, Robert Myers wrote:
>> > Caution:  Audi content totally absent.
>> >
>> > I need a Windoze95 guru before my better half gets mad at me again...
>> The note on the software box read, "REQUIRED: Windows 95 or better."  So I
>> bought a Macintosh...
>> No Audi content here either, but the Macintosh is to computers what the
>> Audi is to automobiles.  Any car or computer will get you to your
>> destination, but one doesn't own an Audi or Macintosh because one has to,
>> it's because we truly enjoy the "drive" getting to our destination.
>> Chas. Baumerich
>> 98A4TQ
>> Mac OS 8.1

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