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Re: '90 Audi 200sedan w/10V engine - price samplings


At a dealer here in Montreal (Automobiles Lauzon) there is a red 1989
200 turbo quattro.   Mileage is 179000 kms (I think?).   Body looked
good (but not fantastic).  I noticed driver's door wood trim is cracked 
and chipped and there was a funny looking shift knob installed - a brown 
plastic thing that didn't look original.  

I did not drive the car, so can't comment more.  I think they wanted 
$5300 (that's canadian pesos...)    


>    the 5000/200 comparison got my attention - to say the least. I would be
>greatful to the list for reports of prices for the manual version  of this  200.
>Would appreciate knowing how prices vary throughout  the lower 48, as well as
>the provinces - east and west. This sounds like an Audi to investigate for the
>stable. Please send any and all pricing guides to the list or direct to my