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Re: Anyone using Konis on their 92-94 100s ???

Haven't used them myself, but you can get Koni part numbers (as well as
Bilstein and Eibach) at the 12v site-- http://www.itc.nu/12v/ , click on
Tuning & Maintenance, then Suspension.  Beware, though, that I got the
part numbers from the Koni web site so AFAIK they're correct but still
try to verify them.......

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pollock@leia.eng.pko.dec.com wrote:
> ME again, sorry to bother you all again but once again I have nowhere else
> to turn...
> My next dilema. I need to (well I really don't NEED to but don't tell the wife)
> replace the shocks in her 94 100CSQ. I'd like to stiffen it up a bit and as
> I've had such good experiences with Koni when I was doing the VWs that is what
> I prefer. So I check out their web site and it's a little confusing, especially
> since they show 100s going back to 83, lots of asterists etcs. Call the tech
> line and couldn't get a definite answer. (this is the "tech" line?) They refer
> me to a reseller called Westex who might be able to help. The person at Westex
> is very helpfull but still not willing to go out on a limb. He can't believe
> the tech line is unable to help. He's basically looking at the same catalogue
> as Koni and is almost as confused...  I'll probably send an e-mail back to
> Koni and let them know I'm still in the dark but in the meantime...
> anyone out there successfully replace the OEM shocks/struts with Konis ???
> Anyone got order numbers ???
> Oh before I go, thanks to everyone who responded to me in regards to which
> tire/rim will fit said car. I'll be placing the order before weeks end...
> thanks,
> tom.
> 86 4KCSQ
> 94 100CSQ