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Re: 90 brakes

If the '90 90 has the Girling G60 brakes (likely) then:
Front rotors: 22mm (.866")
Front pads: 13mm (.511")
Rear rotors: 8mm (.315")
Rear pads: 12mm (.472")

Wear limits on the pads includes the backing plate, which leaves a fair
amount of pad material left (6mm in front, 5mm in back).  Rotor wear
limit is only 3mm-2mm (front-back) worn off.  Basically, you can just
eyeball things; less than 1/8" pads front or back need replacement, and
the rotors, well, they just look thin.

Good luck!

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nscbarry@mail.msy.bellsouth.net wrote:
> i posted this the other day but got no replies??
> What are the minimum brake pad/disk thicknesses for a 1990 90 fwd? I'm
> looking at the car this evening and am concerned about the brakes
> needing to be done. Will measure them so that i know the thicnnesses if
> any one responds.
> sean 96 A6q, possibly soon 90 90