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60k service on '93 90S

I'm looking for recomendations on what I should have serviced on my car in the near
future. I believe that a lot of you recommend having the timing belt replaced at 60k
(even though Audi says 90k), and while I'm at it I should have the serpentine belt
replaced also (I'm assuming that is the "fan belt" to use a generic term). Anything
else, other than normal stuff (oil change, etc)?  I think I remember somebody saying
I should do the water pump also, but is that really needed at this point in time.

I want to do as much as possible, but I don't have a ton of money to spend on doing
this (I'm thinking under $750 at the most). So I'll most likely buy the parts from
Carelson or Clair then either have the dealer perform the service, or find a good
local shop. Can anybody recommend a good Audi shop in the Salt Lake City area?

Thanks for your help,

Matt Daniels
'93 90S,  63k