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Re: OT Re: Guru needed

Right on mike, and I think that your post will either kill the thread, or
cause a massive uproar that will cause Dan to kill every message with the
word MAC or WIN9x/Microsoft in the subject or content! ;]
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From: Michael Zamarocy <mhdavion@earthlink.net>
To: quattro@coimbra.ans.net <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
Date: Monday, August 10, 1998 8:17 PM
Subject: OT Re: Guru needed

>First off, I will no longer answer these posts cause they are senseless
>(everyone has their own preferences) anyway, and I don't want to get busted
>(nor do any of you) for posting non-Audi remarks. But after saying that, I
>just want to address a few points, then shut up on this subject.
>At 01:01 PM 8/10/98 -0400, Phil and Judy Rose wrote:
>>Charles may have been stretching things quite a bit with some gratuitous
>>remarks about Audi/Macintosh. But Mike, I'd guess that you are better
>>informed about Audis than you may be about Mac software. Unless of course,
>>your main interest in computers is games, in which case you have a point.
>As for personal use, yes I play games, and the PC, as well as WIN (98 now,
>I was a beta tester for it) is the platform of choice. After all, TOCA is
>for the PC (or Playstation), so I get to drive an Audi A4 <G>! So in that
>aspect, there IS some Audi content, ha ha ha!
>One thing folks don't really see or realize, is that it is NOT the business
>world that pushes computers to its limits, nor forces upgrades (after all,
>just HOW fast CAN you run a word processor???), it is the gaming industry.
>You might thing it is childish to play games, but the figures are proof.
>Think about it, a company might buy a few hundred + software packages, and
>then keep using it for years before ever considering buying a new product.
>But the typical gamer will buy tons of games per year. Where is the real
>money then? And as for pushing upgrades, everybody used to be happy with a
>plain jane 486, till around came Origin's Wing Commander IV game - PENTIUM
>REQUIRED. BAM went the sales of P-chips! Then came 3D, and on and on and
>on, . . . .
>And as for games being not important? Then why did Gates decide to support
>it big time (and create DIRECTX) and promote it, as well as start producing
>games if it was small change?
>So watch your comment about "if you only want to play games", cause it is a
>billion dollar industry worldwide!
>>And what's wrong about using a computer whose software may become as hard
>>to find as Audi spare parts? :)
>Cause you can't get what you want, you have to be happy with what you can
>Now, as for business use, there is a niche for the MAC, but that has shrunk
>in the last few years as the PC has gotten better. There are still
>holdouts, but not as many as you'd like to think. I work in the MIS
>department, so I work on, fix, and install computer hardware/software. And
>there are few companies that I know of that use MAC's anymore. A lot are
>switching over to NT Servers, and now there is a push towards LINUX that is
>And, Apple DID in fact shoot themselves big time in the foot many years ago
>when they would not allow clones to be made. If you wanted an Apple, you
>had to go to them, and pay the stiff prices they demanded. Same went with
>the accessories, very few 3rd party. The same ting even happened to IBM and
>Microchannel - it WAS a good idea (perhaps even the "father" of PCI???),
>but because they kept it to themselves, it floundered. Only Kingston still
>makes some MCA parts. Heck, even Matrox and 3Dfx have pretty much given up
>on MAC hardware. And there are not too many 3D cards (for either CAD or
>games) coming out for the MAC like there is for the PC. And now recently
>Apple has allowed some clones to be made, but it is too little too late to
>make much of an impact as the PC has already intrenched itself into homes
>and industry.
>Also, I found it funny years ago that Apple was suing MicroSquash for its
>likeness to the MAC OS. It did not look that alike. But my old Atari 1040ST
>sure had almost the same look, even down to the infamous "bombs". But they
>never even took notice of Atari, . . . .
>Lastly, and a slight comparison to Audi, . . . you make fun of Windows, and
>sure in the past it was buggy and needed fixing like an older Audi. But
>today's WIN98 is way much better, but boring too! Unlike the older Audi
>where you could pop open the hood and tweak (so too the old Windows), the
>newer WIN98 is quite solid, and there isn't really much to do unless you
>"chip it" like the newer Audi A4's. Sure there are problems yet, but that
>mainly has more to do with unsupported hardware. And I am sure this too
>would happen to the MAC's if the doors were thrown wide open to 3rd party
>(as in Taiwan) hardware as well. There is a lot of JUNK out on the market
>that causes tons of problems. And the comment about 12000+ software, hey,
>that's cool. But with the PC, we talk in millions of software. And it does
>not matter if you get it in some crappy store, or a computer superstore -
>you CAN get it, and have a choice in what you want.
>Now, after saying all this, I will be silent. So If I do not answer you
>back, its not cause I can't, but because I don't want to set off others who
>will be complaining about these posts. I have nothing against MAC's at all.
>I don't hate them, but I admit I don't work on them or know how to (as much
>as I do a PC). I think they are probably a great PC, just not for me. But I
>can not stand evangelists who think theirs is better than others. I had to
>go through that with a bunch of OS/2 preachers for too many years. That
>bunch will drive ANYONE nuts! Even you MAC guys! <G>
>Mike Z