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In message <199808110242.WAA04457@mail2000.gettysburg.edu> Steve Frattini writes:

> This is my first post to the group, for the past two weeks I've just been
> reading messages and absorbing information.  I have a strange question, but
> one that has puzzled me for quite some time.  Why in the world does Audi (
> and VW for that matter) wire the radios so that they can be turned on
> without the ignition.  Is there a reason behind this.  Please enlighten me.

The German market demands it.  Among other things, it's considered very
poor behaviour to sit with the engine running waiting, e.g., for a child
to come out of school.  If you park with the engine running for more
than around half a minute, someone will bang on the window and
gesticulate at you to turn the engine off and save the planet.

 Phil Payne
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