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Re: Dogs in our cars, and mud flaps

I've seen in some mail order catalog, dont recall which but likely some pet
one, rear seat covers for autos, i even think that they were available
custom to the make/model. They covered the seats, and the floor too and 
made of something like a car cover. Try some place like the The Pet Super
Store, also a friend owns a pet shop and i'll ask him if he knows of such a
product. sean

Joe Rae wrote:

> Okay how do those of you who have dogs, (ie a 95 pound retriever) put 
> in your cars, YOU AVANT GUYS DO NOT NEED TO RESPOND! ;] I have tried
> putting a blanket down but that does not seem to do any good. Trying to
> save the leather seats in my 4000 while taking the dog places. Also I saw
> a 91 200 tq today and was wondering about the mud flaps on it.... Would
> they work on a 4000q? What do those of you with lowered cars , that the
> tires stick out, do to prevent the mud up the side of the cars? Joe

Found this in the Sky Mall catalog on my last United Airlines flight


Orvis back seat saver

Easy to use pet travel bed protects the entire back seat area.  Prevents 
injury, soiling and spills, keeps pet hair off the upholstery.  Easily 
installed and removed. Colors vary slightly.  Fits around headrests and 
seat belt loops.
52"x58"  Spot Clean.  USA	FK535J-60G	$69.50