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Re: phones upgrades

>I would like to keep the phone in the same place (the armrest), but
>would like to maybe get a PCS phone, that is removable. Is it worth
>trying , or should I just stick with the "coffee can and string system"
>that is in there now.

Leave the phone in the car as a toy for people to play with on long trips :)
and buy a PCS phone.  They're about $100 for the phone and $15-30/month.
Not bad; they've become fairly competitive with regular phone service,
which is kinda scary.

I don't have a PCS phone, but I left the aftermarket phone in my 200q20v
and use it for calling the state police and SmartRoutes(traffic
information.)  Both are free, and get routed even though the phone hasn't
had a service contract in 3-4 years.  By law, *SP and 911 calls MUST be
routed(unfortunately, they get routed to the SP when sometimes you want the
local 911; there's no way to differentiate, which is annoying.)

Did anyone else know that dialing 611 gets you the local cell-company's
operator?  So if you're having trouble with cell xyz, hit 611 and you'll
talk to the company that owns cell # xyz.


Brett Dikeman
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