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Re: v8

In a message dated 98-08-10 09:36:56 EDT, you write:

<< frank: just catching up on recent digests - thanks for all the nice
 (true) words supporting V8's. I may have told you i'm "selling" my V8 to
 my brother in chicago now that we have the avant (91 200 20v) but am
 concerned that he's a relative Audi newbie. Do you know if the V8 "list"
 is still up and what's the address? And how's the A8 doing? Paul Krumins

Paul- The A8 is fine, my only negative comments are the softer suspension
which detracts from the high speed handling of the V8, the lack of gauges, and
the trunk lateral dimensions which won' accept my golf bag in the athwartship
direction. My V8 is running strong and still my primary driver. I have not
begun to market it in earnest , but with the traffic jam in my drive way ( PU
truck, Jeep, 25 ft boat/trailer,V8Q, A8Q) I am getting close!! Yes the V8 list
is alive, the e mail for the admin is: listproc@u.washington.edu. The list
address is:v8q@u.washington.edu
Frank Santoro
1990 V8 (For sale)
1998 A8