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Re: Fauxes Pas

At 09:18 AM 8/11/98 -0400, you wrote:
>Gosh Ted you are quite testy today....
>I don need no steenkin grammer to look edukated!
>Matter of fact, I cant even count to illiterate


Lest we forget, there is a significant membership of this list for whom
English is not their native tongue [comments about Phil Payne and a certain
hillbilly from West Virginia are here omitted :-) ].  My hat is off to
them.  I can hardly imagine the results if I were to attempt to read and
write German, for example, on a regular basis.  Our purpose here is to
communicate.  (Or so I thought.)  If we understand what is meant then being
critical of grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc., is purely gratuitous and
is something best avoided.

Now, of course, I niver meak misteaks.  :-)  But when I do, please don't
try to make me feel any more like the poor ignorant old slob that I am.
I'm sure we all get enough of that without additional "help".  Have a bit
of fun with it.  That's just fine but truly critical comments are best left
unsaid and/or unwritten.

My $0.02.

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