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Re: Why Would Anyone Buy an Audi?

I had a similar but lesser foe in the form of a Lincoln MK9 or 8. While
leaving Houston on I10 west a slight squall (monsoon) erupted and went from 75
to 50 mph in an A6Q.  Traffic was intense on this 4 lane interstate and
visibility limited to 20-30 yards if headlights were on.  To some this is a
sign of 'Weakness'! 
Living in Colorado I have learned that allowing other autos to either side in
this environment was not the way to continue the family name.  I quickly tired
of this vision and mental impairment so the spouse agreeded to take 'le helm.
In the far left east bound lane at est. 50 mph a dark presence appeared to
have hydro-ed and was rapidly heading toward my Q... backwards!  The median
was grassy and 5 to 8 yards wide allowing more time for this non-spectator
sport to continue and also time for my beloved to summon the wheel,
accelerator and King Quattros' agility!  We had a car in front that had to be
missed so a lane change added some needed performance from my steed.  It
hunkered down and made my wife a true believer.  This goes to show that you
can only have soo much fun reading the list!

JT Bowman\
97 A6q