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misc Audi stuff: Certified (mostly) Audi content

>Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1998 16:35:27 GMT
>From: eyvind.spangen@ha-nett.no (Eyvind Spangen)
>Subject: Installing air condition in '89 100
>I have been thinking about installing air condition in my '89 100. It
>wasn't standard equipment here in the cold Norway. Is the installation
>of air conditioning too hard to be done by myself?

This is a BIG job - buy the kit from Juoko, have alternate transportation,
and be patient. You'd better be pretty good with tools, too - you'll also
discover all kinds of new aches and pains from the contortions you'll go
through climbing around inside and under your car.

Sounds like a fun project - not too many people can say they installed
their own automotive air conditioner!

>> Ford Mustang 5.0 liter power plant~ Forget it a total overweight piece
of crap
>> compared to the above powerplants.
>Slightly heavier than the aluminum V8s, 300 - 400 hp easy, 400 ft-lbs, 
>1000 - 1500.00 bux.
>Bolts right up with a simple adaptor plate which is already commercially 
>Sounds great!  :-)
>Graydon D. Stuckey

Many years ago, I helped put a 289 Ford into a 190SL (which was bought for
$150). Made a very nice sleeper - that was before 190SLs were worth
anything - just another old car - about that time, I was buying Jag XK-140s
for $50 a pop - really! Now they are $40,000 each, and still not worth it!

> Well look at the average honda owner, and then compare with the Harley
>owner. Any questions? Besides Harleys are kinda like Audis you fall in love
>with them. Hondas are just a means of transport.

Honda motorcycles are appliances - (nomex on). Harley Davidson is more than
a motorcycle, it is a full blown 24 karat religion. Go spit on one and see
what happens to you. (Inadvisable, to say the very least!)

A few words about Phil's "photographic evidence" - the original message was
sent privately to him - I see that it somehow managed to surface publicly
on the list - oh, well. So much for discretion - but Phil, ya gotta be
careful, you know if word gets around about this, you never know what may
happen next!

Finally, Mac vs PC: Personally, I just LOVE Macs! I sell Mac replacement
parts and supplies to about 150 schools in some rather nasty places around
the world, and let me ask you this: When was the last time you had your
customers pay full, list price, at full markup, AND freight, and say "Thank
You! Thank You! Thank You!"? I use PCs, though. Parts are astronomically
less expensive, and they are available anywhere. Mac parts are extremely
expensive and there are few sources - I just LOVE being a vendor! PC stuff
is heavily discounted, and your money goes MUCH further - Example: 4 speed
CD for MAC is about $100 refurbed, I can buy a brand new 24 speed CD for PC
for $42, wholesale.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman