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'89 200tq for sale

Hi Y'all,

A list member and I had reached a virtual handshake over my '89 200tq.  I
haven't heard from him for a while so, unless he reappears fairly soon, my
'89 will be for sale.


Location, southern WV (Fayetteville)

Pearl '89 200tq with pearl wheels.  

~127K miles

Cosmetically it's not bad (also not perect).  A few small door dings and
some *very* minor abrasions.  

It runs like the proverbial striped *ssed ape.

Chipped to 2.2+ bar.  YeeeHawww!!

Suspension mods (springs, bushings, struts - $1,500 done July 1, 1997 -
slight lowering)

Lighting (two 100 watt fog and two 100 watt driving lights under front
bumper) is quite good.

Adjustable pneumatic control of maximum boost (ala Paul Timmerman).

Timing belt changed about 7K miles back.

WOT switch, ISV, and several other items replaced within the last 20K miles.

Everything works.  Sunroof, windows, radio, cruise comtrol, rear defrost, etc.

Needs summer rubber badly.  Snow tires (Blizzaks - lots of miles left) go
with it.

The ABS off light comes on.  There is almost certainly an out of adjustment
wheel speed sensor.

There is a small pentosin leak from a hose connection at the reservoir.  I
haven't gotten around to repairing it.  I've been having too much fun with
the S6.

The "leather" immediately below and inside the rear windows has peeled.
Some contact cement will probably fix it OK.  S6 again.  :-)

I suspect that it could use a good alignment.  The car entered the ditch
while I was playing a fast game of dodge the deer.  Repairs were well done.
 Alignment questions remain, however.

Asking price:  $39,999.99  :-)  I assume that I'm unlikely to get that much
for it, so...

Make a reasonable offer and let's dicker a bit.

Disclaimer:  I *do* have a financial interest in this car.

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