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!Audi Factory Service Manuals For Sale! -Two For one Deal!!!!!!

Dfutrell@whpacific.com <mailto:Dfutrell@whpacific.com>  

Hi Guys,

It's me again and I'm still peddling Audi Factory Service Training manuals,
This week I'm offering two for one. Buy one get the second free ( equal or
lesser value :-) )
I'm in the process of  replacing the head gasket on my G60 and money is
running out fast, cam, lifters, head bolts, injector balancing, etc ,
So take advantage while you can. Two for one is this week only!!!
BTW is there a web site that I can post this to? How much is it to join the
Q club? TIA- Dean

 96 A4 TSBs updates 1,2,3 plus stack of regular TSB's $15 

84-89	5000/200 Recall Campaign GK 50 pages, covers the pre-delivery recall
of the fuel system, good diagrams, wiring info, etc. Covers engines KM, MC,
and ML  $10each 

86     5000S & 5000 CS Turbo ABS Training. 55pages Excellent ABS info,
wiring diagrams, trouble shooting, list of all components and locations, etc
$10 each 

86	Coupe GT Electronic Instrument Display Service Training , includes
wiring diagrams, trouble shooting, schematic of pins, etc 25 pages $5 each 

85 Model Change Info. All models, 50 pages, tech info, applicable wiring
changes and diagrams, photos of new models, lists info relative to changes
in the model year. $10 each  (4 available)  

86	5000 Wiring diagrams 244 pages $20 

95 90 Wiring diagrams 121 pages late 96 release ( current) $20 each (2)

90 Coupe Q w/ 20V Service Training 66 pages ( need I say more?) $15 each 

88  80/90 Service Training Introduction  80 pages, good overview of new
models and there components
 color photos, sketches,  Training book only $10 each       (15)
Training book  in Audi envelope with check out sheets,  Tech card for
programming radios, and "Building Customer Satisfaction " Glossy insert $15
each  (22)
Xerox copy of Training manual free with other purchase   (4)

Stack of TSBS mostly A6 and micc. Trans books $20 ( about 1000 pages of

Dfutrell@whpacific.com <mailto:Dfutrell@whpacific.com>