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Re: Accessories

At 10:35 PM 8/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
>>> > radio can be turned on witohout key in the ignition.
>>Normal on Audis.
>Hello all,
>This is my first post to the group, for the past two weeks I've just been
>reading messages and absorbing information.  I have a strange question, but
>one that has puzzled me for quite some time.  Why in the world does Audi (
>and VW for that matter) wire the radios so that they can be turned on
>without the ignition.  Is there a reason behind this.  Please enlighten me.
> Also I recently installed a new blaupunkt radio and Cd changer on my 84
>5ks.  Is there a way to make the radio go off when the ignition is turned
>off?  The crutchfield rep I talked to said to run a wire to the fuse box
>and hook it to something that shuts off when the ignition goes off.  That's
>great, but how?
Hello Steve,

Its basically because the ignition key has no accessory position.  In my
cars, I've made a tap off the seat belt warning chime (terminal #85).  If
you insert the key and open the door you'll notice that the chime goes on.
The ignition lock has a separate switch to monitor when the key's inserted
(terminal# 86/S on the lock).  You can use this wire to attach to the
radio's ignition wire.  If the radio only has one fused wire for this, use
a separate relay and use the "ignition key in" wire to run the relay.  The
crutchfield guy's suggestion is not valid if you want to play the radio
with the engine off.  You'd have to turn the key to the "on" position which
also turns on the entire dash and a bunch of other stuff and puts an
unecessary load on the battery.



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